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Maroon Bells (June 2003)

These pics are from a hike near Aspen, CO, in a valley next to the Maroon Bells. This area is so popular that everyone has to take a shuttle bus in the area during summer days. If you go really early or in the evening the road is open to cars. We hiked up the valley along West Maroon Peak past two alpine lakes. It's a very scenic area. These pics are from late June, the beginning of wildflower season in the Colorado mountains.

We could see Maroon Peak (a 14er) and North Maroon Peak from our campsite.

On the hike up to the lakes, we past be a waterfall.

And there were flowers starting to come out.

Maroon Lake with the Maroon Bells

After Maroon Lake is Crater Lake

Looking Back at Crater Lake

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I will be posting pictures of my trips. Each posting will be about a trip and include a trip report along with the pictures. Many of the pictures will be of mountains and places where most people never go. I plan to create a new post every week. Some posts will be of recent trips, some will be of trips from years ago.

This collage is of the signs of national parks that I've been to. Most are in Colorado, California and Utah.