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Rifle Falls (August 2009)

On my way out to Grand Junction last August I stopped by Rifle Falls State Park. About a 20 minute drive from the interstate. It is a small park with a few trails, a campground and of course a triple waterfall.

The trails go to the base of the falls, across the top of them and even behind one of them.

The most popular and scenic hike here is a lollipop loop with the loop part starting at the base of the falls, going up and across the top and back down on the other side. On the top there is a boardwalk, where you can walk above the creek after it splits and watch the water as it goes over the falls. The hike is a short one, with the base of the falls only about 5-10 minutes from the parking lot. Along the way there are several small caves. It is a good idea to bring a flash light if you want to go inside them. They are along the trail on both sides of the falls.

These falls aren't too well known outside of Colorado. If your traveling across Colorado on I-70 and have an extra hour or t…