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High Water on Boulder Creek (May, June 2003)

A week ago Boulder Creek peaked over 800 cfs. These pics are from when it went up that high six years ago. Some high late May temperatures brought the water level on Boulder Creek up to 800 cfs. Normally it's above 400 cfs. The first three of these pictures are of the creek at 500 cfs in Boulder, a day or two before it went up to 800 cfs. The water was over the banks; covering sections of the trail along the whitewater course.

The Dam at the Top of the Whitewater Course

One Rapid in Town

Another Rapid in Town,
with a Strainer from some downed tree limbs

These pictures are up in the canyon above Boulder, when the creek was running at 800 cfs. One bridge was partially knocked out by the high water.
Above a Big Rapid

Partial Bridge Collapse

Rough Rapids