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Arapaho Glacier Trail (August 2010)

This trail starts from the Rainbow Lakes campground, crosses into the Indian Peaks Wilderness and quickly climbs above treeline. The trail goes along the border of a restricted area where part of Boulder's water supply comes from.

Looking Up the Valley at the Divide
The trail continues to climb until about 12,600 feet where it levels out. After about a mile and a half of going along this ridge, I came around a corner and saw South Arapaho Peak.

South Arapaho Peak
I had seen it from a distance, now it was right there. When I saw it that close I knew had to climb it, again. Even before getting on top of the peak, the views were great. Mt. Neva, just to the south, is a fun mountain to climb.

Mt. Neva and Lake Dorothy
About half an hour later and 700 feet higher I was on the peak. While I was taking a lunch break a marmot came up to where I was.

A Marmot Begging for Food
I was also able to look down on Arapaho Glacier.

Arapaho Glacier
On the way back down, there were a couple of ptarmigans…