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Powderhorn Snowboarding (March 2010)

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Powderhorn, the day after the skies opened up and dumped 10 inches of white fluffy stuff. It was great boarding, especially in the trees where it was deep enough to be sweet powder, but not so deep that it was hard to get going after falling. Here's the view from one of the lifts.

Powderhorn is not on a mountain like most ski resorts, it's on the side of a big mesa.

View of the Side of the Mesa
I am a tree hugger when I snowboard and there were lots of good trees to board through.

A Wide Spot in the Glades with some Fresh Powder
In the morning the top branches of the aspen trees were coated with snow.

Snow Coated Aspens
Close-up of a Snow Coated Aspen
The Glades Later in the Day
Another interesting thing about Powderhorn is that later in the season their hours are 10-5, rather than the usual 9-4. The sky was clear and snow was good all the way until the lifts stopped, which made for great views and sweet boarding.