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Benjamin Trail (May 2011)

The Benjamin Trail is a trail I worked on last fall; one day of trail building and one day of old trail removal. It is an addition to another trail at Betasso Open Space near Boulder. It opened in May and I was able to get a chance to ride it. It was very popular and there was many other people besides the five that went with me. 
The Benjamin trail is access from the Canyon Loop. A short trail took us to the 3 mile loop. We did two loops around the Benjamin trail and once around the Canyon Loop.
We went clockwise on the trail and it started by going uphill. The downhill was fun. I went fast through the trees around the curves. Much of the trail is like the Canyon Trail - built into the side of a steep hill. It's not a difficult trail and an advanced beginner can do it.

There is also a great view point at the top of the trail.

Nugget Creek Hike (June 2011)

This trail starts at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor center. I took the first left onto the East Glacier Trail. It is a loop trail from which the Nugget Creek trail branches off near the midpoint. The East Glacier trail is well maintained and easy to hike with lots of creeks crossing it.
 There is also AJ Falls just off the trail.
Nugget Creek Trail is a less maintained more rugged trail, many walkways are washed out, but not difficult. The bigger creeks have bridges though. I recommend waterproof boots and bug repellant. There's occasional views of the creek, but there's lot of side creeks coming in. 
Near the end of the trail, there is an old shelter by Vista Creek. It is a small shelter with half the roof missing. 
Just downstream of this spot the creek plunges over a waterfall on it's way down to Nugget Creek. 
Shortly after here the official trail ends. There are some paths here that quickly fade out. I checked out some of them before heading back. 
There is an unmarked, but…


I am in Alaska for the summer so there will be posting some hikes from here. I'll still post some past trips, but with all the hikes and rides I'm doing here, there may not be many.