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Mt. Sneffels (September 2009)

(San Juans - Part 3)

Mt. Sneffels is third highest mountain in the San Juans, 14,150 ft. The hike up it is short, but steep and fun. The drive from Ouray to the trailhead was very scenic and part of it is a shelf road with amazing views.

Overhanging Rock

An Abandoned Mine


We parked at the main trailhead and hiked up the road to the 4x4 trailhead. There we got onto the trail and headed towards a Sneffels with a light dusting of snow.

A Relatively Flat Section of Trail

When we got close we turned and went up a steep slope with loose rock and sand along the side of it.

After that slope we went up an even steeper gully with more snow, but the rocks were more stable. Then there was one more section, not as steep, but more technical with a steep drop off on one side. It started with a crevasse that was the crux of the climb. There was a few hundred foot drop on the left of it, just in case we fell. Once at the top we were rewarded with amazing views (and steep drop offs on all sides).

The …