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San Juans Rest Day (September 2009)

(San Juans - Part 2)

We had pulled into camp after dark, so we didn't realize the view that our campsite had. When we got up the next morning, this is the view that awaited us.

This was our rest day, so we just did stuff around Ouray. We went to the Box Canyon Falls. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any good pictures because of how close the canyon walls are around it. You'll just have to go and check it out for yourself. It is only $3 to get into the city park. South of Ouray, the road climbs quickly and when you look back (or pull off at a overlook) here's the view you get.

After going around Ouray, we headed up to Ridgeway for lunch and some beer at the Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery.
They have five beers. I had pint of the Stout, before getting tasters of the other four and finishing with a pint of the IPA. The stout and IPA were excellent. The Blonde Ale was tasteless. The Irish Red Ale was better than average for Red Ales. The Best Bitter was ok. The only food they…

Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks (September 2009)

(This is the first of several trip reports from my San Juans trip in September.)We started at the Silver Creek Trailhead for the climb up Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks. The first part of the trail followed Silver Creek up through a scenic valley.Trail Going Along Silver CreekWe turned off the Silver Creek Trail and headed up a unmarked trail towards Sunshine Peak. The trail was a gradual climb through tree line and to the end of the valley.The Trail Above Treeline in the ValleyNext we climbed up a scree slope to a ridge. First we took a route up that went on the right of small knob, but there was a waterfall in that gully. So we traversed some and climbed down a bit to get to where we could climb up. It was scree, but we didn't take too long to finish the climb up to the top of that ridge-about 400 ft up from the base. Next we walked across some rocky hills to the base of the summit ridge. We left the track I had downloaded off the web, to follow a trail we saw going up the scree. I…

Blowing Rocks (December 2003)

Here's some more pics from Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island.

Waves Coming In


Rock Blowhole

Bird Preparing for Takeoff