Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail

A Scenic Bike Ride at the Mouth of the Canyon.


The upper end of this trail is at the Park and Ride at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon. It's great if you want to do an easy bike after skiing or snowboarding all day at Brighton and Solitude in the Spring. Most of this trail is completely offstreet, but there was a section in a neighborhood where the trail was a sidewalk or I had to ride on the on road.

The trail starts off by going under Wasatch Boulevard. Then it heads downhill along the creek until it leaves it and drops you off on a street for the road and sidewalk section. When I went in late March, there were lot's of tree in bloom, especially in this section.

Spring Time Trees

The trail leaves the road and follow the creek again. The creek goes into a pond in Old Mill Park. Just upstream of the pond, is a bridge that gives a good view of the creek upstream of here. I was able to get this photo with the mountains making the sides of Big Cottonwood Canyon in the background.

Big Cottonwood Creek

After the pond, the trail passes a commercial area with restaurants along the and then leaves the creek again. I took the trail down to where it ended on a road under I-215 where this sign is.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah Sign
Info Sign

Roundtrip, this was a 6.5 km ride that took about half an hour, not counting stops for photos. Maybe in the future it will be expanded up the canyon, maybe connecting in the Bonneville Shoreline trail if it is built in this area. A new section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is currently being built near Mt. Olympus trail a few miles north.


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