Amalga Trail (June 2011)

This trail is much rougher than the nearby Herbert Glacier trail, even though they start near each other. It follows the Eagle River toward the Eagle Glacier.

The Eagle River

Much of this trail (like many in the area) is on boardwalks. They vary from planks on them ground to bridges with some broken and others in great shape. They were slippery. Some had roofing shingles or nets on the for traction.

Netting to Give Traction on the Planks
Along one section near a pond we saw two porcupines on the trail. Unfortunately, they hid in the bushes a couple of feet off the trail as we passed and I didn't get any good pictures of them.

A Pond Along the Trail
There is a forest service cabin down a spur trail about a quarter mile away from the main trail. It can be reserved for the night. At a viewpoint past the turn for the cabin we had a great view of glacier and waterfalls across the river in a side valley.

Eagle Glacier Up the Valley

From here the trail gets rougher to the glacier. If you try this trail, it is a good idea to stay a night at the cabin or leave early in the morning.

Directions: Go out the road until about mile 27, just past the Eagle River. The trailhead is on the side of the road.

More Info: I have also posting about this trip on with a GPS track:


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